Providing your Skin and the Environment with a Zero-Burden Promise

NAVEEN allows you to love yourself, love your family, and love the environment


NAVEEN represents “beauty” and “new birth” in the Irish and Indian languages. We are constantly searching for the balance between maintaining the beauty of your skin and environmental sustainability based on innovative green thoughts.

For NAVEEN, when developing our products, more attention was placed on considerations including
“How to minimize the influences on the environment? ”,
“How to allow everyone use our products with peace of mind? ”, and
“What are the actual needs of your skin? ”

Founders Karen and Rita are equipped with a background in professional skincare formula development. They are determined to give consumers the most realistic promise with persistence based on the rationality of scientific evidence instead of verbal slogans.

NAVEEN sets the focus of its R&D on the whole family’s skin needs, so as to provide more complete happy protection for the people we love.

The First Taiwan Bathing and Skincare Brand to Pass International Organic Certification

Combination of Science and Nature, Pure Vegan, Sustainable, Cruelty-Free

In 2013, NAVEEN built the first COSMOS organic certification plant in Taiwan, where each product item is developed and manufactured in our self-owned laboratory and factory, guaranteeing the quality of the raw materials from the source to provide better options for you and your family.

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Natural Ingredients
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Petrochemical Ingredients
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Waste Product Recycling Rate
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Animal Ingredients & Animal Testing
  • COSMOS Organic CertificationBased on environmental sustainability as the core from the source of raw materials to packaging
  • Pure vegan and no animal testingPure vegan formula without animal testing from raw materials to end products
  • ISO22716 VCGMPEvident factory quality guarantee
  • HALAL CertificationHigh-standard cleanliness and moral index
  • Optimized support towards organic agricultureExtensive use of organic plant extracts to support greening earth with action
  • Use of green energyReduced greenhouse gas emissions are the responsibility of everyone


Product Series

A simple formula suitable for the whole family, NAVEEN gives you more concern-free protection

Whole Body Cleansing & Care

Whole Body Cleansing & Care

Select mild and effective cleansing ingredients according to different ages and different skin types. Only ingredients required by the skin are added to the formula to establish an excellent foundation.
Mommy & Baby Series

Mommy & Baby Series

Only nourishing ingredients suitable for babies are added. The sources of the ingredients are stringently selected to conduct several formula tests, giving the most thoughtful and professional promise to babies and the family.
Facial Cleansing & Care

Facial Cleansing & Care

The main ingredient for the series has been developed according to the different needs of the skin, thereby improving different skin issues via several types of active ingredients, and there is no need to be concerned about causing damage to the environment because of the natural ingredients.
Cleansing & Care for Men

Cleansing & Care for Men

The main ingredient for the series has been developed according to the needs of males, where the ratio of ingredients with organic certification has been raised, allowing cleansing to build the ideal foundation for the skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed without tightness, and allowing everyone to say goodbye to oily skin.


NAVEEN video

Complete sharing of product unboxing and skincare tips